What Items Your Home Bar Could Be Missing

What Items Your Home Bar Could Be Missing

It is difficult to count how many times we have attempted to make a drink at a party with a friend only to find that we are missing a strainer or a muddler. We’re not afraid to get creative to solve problems, but why not be prepared for the next one?

We asked our Facebook friends to tell us what tools and supplies were most frequently missing from their home bars. We got more than 150 responses–everything from cocktail shakers to corkscrews–but there were a few that really stood out. It’s not just about bar tools.

We have compiled a list of 10 essentials that you must always have, no matter how complicated your cocktails are or how you want to improve your whiskey-drinking skills.

One of our Facebook friends said that “most home bartenders ignore the importance of accuracy when making drinks at home.” We agree. Proper proportions are crucial to the success of a drink. So be sure you’ve got this simple tool in your home bar–we recommend owning two: a one-ounce/two-ounce size and a half-ounce/three-quarter-ounce size–to make sure you’re making the perfect drink every time.

This is Cocktail Kingdom’s Japanese Style Jigger

Sometimes the most convenient ice is found in small, half-melted cubes that you get from a bag at the gas station. These will keep your drink chilled, but they can sometimes be too cold. You can make cubes worthy of a cocktail bar by investing in some good ice cube tray.

This is Tovolo Perfection Cube Trays, Sphere ice Molds

Summer is here: It’s time for Mint Juleps and Mojitos at home. You could also smash the leaves with a spoon. A sturdy muddler is the best way extract oil and flavor from mint leaves, as well as other herbs or best fruit trays. You can use most fruits like a nonna uses a mortar to make pesto. However, be gentle when working with citrus peels and herbs, as they can become bitter if they are too muddled.

This is Oxo steel muddler

When a cocktail is called for, shaking it properly not only chills it but also ensures that the drink is properly diluted and aerated. You can’t make a Ramos Gin Fizz properly without one. A two-piece shaker with a separate strainer is what the professionals use. They are easy to clean, more convenient to open after shaking, and won’t get clogged up with fruit or herbs.

This is 3-Piece Cocktail Shaker Kit

When we asked home mixologists what they were missing, this bartender necessity was the one most frequently mentioned. Pour spouts can be used to measure accurately, but it is easy to do without. They are also dirt-cheap and help prevent any spillage of your precious booze.

This is Speedjet Liquor Pourer

You can only go so far with neon-colored “cherries”, which taste like Jolly Ranchers. For garnishing homemade concoctions, make sure you use fresh fruits and high-quality onions. You can even make your own.

This is Luxardo Maraschino Cherry

You will need a long-handled, bar spoon, regardless of whether you are stirring a Manhattan, Martini or floating wine on top of a New York Sour. Your standard tea spoon will not do the trick. It’s too short and too large. Double the fun by getting a spoon that has fork-like tines at the handle end. This makes it easy to spear cherries or olives from the jar.

This is Trident Barspoon

You can make dozens of cocktails with fresh fruit juice. You can make your own homemade juice, whether it is lemon for Whiskey Sour, lime to make Gimlets or orange for Blood and Sands. Use the largest juicer that can handle all sizes of citrus. Also, ensure you use the correct technique. The cut side should face the holes in your juicer.

This is Sur La Table Orange Juicer

How else can you learn how to make your favorite cocktails, and keep track of hundreds of new drink recipe ideas? Although our cocktail data is an excellent resource, it’s not a substitute for a good cocktail book. We’d rather have a few sticky pages than a computer that’s been thrown out of whack.

All these gadgets are great for making cocktails at home but you can’t make them all without good booze. We know that good bottles can be costly. However, not all bottles are good. We found nine bottles of everything from tequila and rye whiskey that were not only delicious but also less than $25. You can enjoy homemade Margaritas and a well-made Oldfashioned without spending a fortune.