How To Get Even More Instagram Followers?

How To Get Even More Instagram Followers?

A total of 10,000 Instagram followers When it comes to creating a brand, it’s a frequent social media milestone that companies strive towards. Reaching this grade, according to some, indicates that you have the potential to be a serious online influencer in your field.

However, with the rise of influencer marketing, buy cheap instagram followers users have begun to buy lists of potential followers in the hopes of attracting at least a part of these people to their account. However, buying a list, especially in a B2B corporate scenario, might result in low-quality traffic to your website, as well as unforeseen repercussions such as a greater bounce rate, less time spent on pages, and leads that aren’t a good fit.

Growing your social following organically is a more safer (and more rewarding) method. Your brand’s engagement will skyrocket, people of your target audience will share your content, and you’ll have more chances to convert or nurture quality leads who are truly interested in what you’re selling.

Here are ten easy ways to get to 10,000 Instagram followers without buying them!

1. Experiment with different voices to find your own.

If you’ve been posting on Instagram for a while and aren’t seeing the results you want, try something new! Change the type of stuff you’re uploading, and change the tone of your captions. Then look at the analytics to discover what material is resonating with people. You can also take a look at brands on social media that you’d like to copy and include a few fresh concepts. Once you’ve figured out what kind of material and tone connects best with your audience, keep doing it!

Experiments are only meaningful if you take the time to assess what works and what doesn’t. PMG PRO TIP: To that purpose, switching to a business account may be beneficial. Instagram for Business has features that your personal account does not, such as detailed performance metrics, insights into your followers, and advertising opportunities.

2. Stay true to your brand.

It’s true that too much testing can stifle your audience’s growth. Every now and again, I’m guilty of straying from my brand. As an illustrator, I get bored with my work from time to time, so I try something new with my style for a while… and then I start to lose fans. Consistency is key to building a strong brand. People tend to expect something specific from you after following you for a long time—something they appreciate! While it’s crucial to experiment with different types of material (you never know what you’ll find), once you’ve found your niche, don’t stray too far from it without a well-thought-out approach.

3. Take part in activities.

Are you a regular user of Instagram? Do you routinely comment on other people’s images, like them, and participate with their content? This is a terrific method to start getting noticed, especially if your target market carefully follows those articles. However, if you are overly active, you may appear to Instagram’s algorithms as a spammy bot, and you may receive a ding. There are a lot of unpleasant folks out there that post odd comments on influencer channels with URLs to their websites, and so forth. We even see it on the PMG blog and delete it right away. The objective is to maintain a high degree of interaction that is both frequent and socially acceptable.

4. Don’t follow for the sake of following.

It’s enticing, but resist the urge. If I see someone with 7,450 followers but they follow 7,500 individuals (thanks to commenter Andrew for pointing out the right numbers), it usually means their content isn’t very good, and they’re just attempting to inflate their follower count by clicking every follow button they see. It takes effort and patience to develop an interested audience. Following others for the purpose of having them follow you back isn’t going to get you the results you want if you have a true social media plan for your B2B firm.

5. Be genuine and truthful.

On Instagram, everything might start to feel phony. Is that person’s life truly idyllic? Who has such a spotless kitchen? Don’t be scared to be genuine in your writing and develop something that others can relate to. People can be won over by highlighting your company’s peculiarities. While user-generated content, third-party content, and even employee quotes will still be filtered to some extent, they will offer insight on what your brand values and prioritizes. If you’re comfortable with video, try using the Instagram Stories tool to display your corporate culture or your distinct personality.

PMG PRO TIP: Whether or not the user’s audio is turned on, your Instagram Story should make sense. According to a HubSpot poll, only 29% of Instagram Stories viewers said they “always” watch with the sound on. Using captions/subtitles is one approach to ensure that your message is communicated in both scenarios!

6. Don’t boast excessively.

So, you’ve won a prize. That’s fantastic news, and you should definitely share it. Just don’t limit yourself to merely posting awards, certifications, and reviews. In a similar vein, don’t spend too much time extolling the virtues of your product or service. Spend as little time as possible doing so. People aren’t just interested in advertising stuff when they follow your Instagram account. They want to see a part of you or your company that makes you or your corporation seem human. They want to be creatively inspired as well as laugh!

7. Publish content on a regular basis.

Keeping up with current events, industry news, and pop culture will help you increase the number of interactions with your account. Keep an eye on what’s hot and what’s trending to see how you might use it on your page. Is there a new viral meme out there? Consider how you may tailor it to your brand or specialization. Is there something in the news that has an impact on your industry? Create a unique article for your blog and promote it across all of your social media platforms (even Instagram!). Taking advantage of current events and internet trends can help you get more people to see your material, especially if you use the right hashtags.

8. Identify and interact with influencers.

Find and follow the most influential people in your field of expertise. Keep an eye on what they’re saying in the captions and what they’re posting. Then join in on the discussion. People who are following and talking with you are most certainly members of your target audience, and if you respond to something they say, you might gain a new follower!

PMG PRO HINT: Not sure where to begin? Instagram influencer marketing should be considered as part of a wider strategy that includes more than just social media. We recommend taking a similar approach to the four steps outlined below for your business blog: How to Find and Interact With Bloggers in Your Industry

9. Take a look at your Instagram from a different perspective.

Take a step back and take a look at your entire Instagram account (you know, the page that has all of the squares on it). What’s missing in this picture? Does it appear to be well-organized? Make sure all of your photographs are on-brand, that you’ve set up Instagram highlights, and that your bio information is up to date with hashtags and a link to your website or relevant material.

10. Promote your Instagram account on your other social media platforms.

If you already have a decent following on another social media platform, make sure your Instagram followers know about it as well! You should also promote your Instagram channel on your website to attract new followers! Cross-promotion can be done in a variety of ways, including:

  • Using photographs from your Instagram page in your newsletter
  • Using photographs from your Instagram page in your blog posts
  • Including an Instagram link in your email signature
  • Including your Instagram handle in your other social networking platforms’ bios
  • Connecting your Instagram account to your Twitter and Facebook accounts so that it posts to all three platforms

When you reach 10,000 followers, there’s surprisingly little excitement, but if you follow these principles and keep them in mind, you’ll be well on your way to genuine Instagram growth. If you want to learn more, see our customer story, Wolfers Lighting on Instagram: A Howling Good Time, to see how we helped one of our clients build a large (and engaged!) organic Instagram following.