How To Find The Perfect Jeans?

How To Find The Perfect Jeans?

If only life could be like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, where you and your best friends locate a pair of cheap jeans that flatters everyone’s body and hugs every curve. We put this theory to the test by sorting through over 300 pairs of jeans to determine the best brands for every body type, size, and style preference.

Good Housekeeping Style Director Lori Bergamotto and Fashion Director Kristen Saladino took six real women through the process, ranging in age from early 20s to over 40 and each with her particular style preferences and purchasing concerns. What’s the end result? These women couldn’t get enough of how they felt (and looked) in these best-fitting jean styles after a few surprises and a few dance moves. We found inexpensive jeans that are leg-lengthening, waist-trimming, and yes, incredibly soft in a variety of sizes, from short to curvy to plus sizes.

“I only buy high-waisted jeans with hanfu coat slim legs since I’m pretty curvy and don’t like anything that cuts into the centre of my stomach,” Sanci explains. “My main problem with jeans is that they might fit on my hips and buttocks yet gap at the waist.”

Check out that hem, say our fashion experts. “Elissa always goes for a skinny jean with a tapered ankle,” Saladino explains. “However, I wanted her to attempt a straighter leg to better balance her body’s features.”


It is possible to obtain a retro 1970s look that fits a modern curvaceous silhouette! “I was blown away by how snug they fit in my belly and how well they held me in,” Sanci adds. Don’t be put off by the big pockets in the rear; the soft V-style yoke above them will make your bottom appear rounded and balanced.

These black jeans, which come in sizes up to 24, are as comfortable as they are stylish, and the straight/flare leg balances out broader hip proportions. Sanci, who was apprehensive of a slightly flared leg, says, “All my jeans are slender type and tapered in the ankle.” “However, these actually did offset my hips and gave me a voluptuous form that I really liked.”


Power Slim Straight Jeans, High-Waisted

Stretch allows the fabric to showcase your greatest features without tugging or buckling, which is ideal for voluptuous girls. Jeans, on the other hand, should fit like pants, not leggings. “One of the most typical mistakes with stretch jeans is that they’re way too tight,” Saladino explains. “The jeans should be fitting, not clingy.”

What she wants: “I want a jean that looks well on my buttocks and is comfy,” Merker says. “I value versatility a great deal. I don’t want to conceal my butt since it appears flat, but if I can find a pair that actually elevates it and feels wonderful, I’ll be sold!”

Mix it up with different hemlines, stretchy jeans, and don’t be afraid to wear a high-waisted pair for booty-lifting effects, according to our fashion experts.

This sleek silhouette offers your bottom a lift thanks to strategically positioned rear pockets. Saladino adds, “The back seam also goes up a little higher and really raises her bottom.” “Look for jeans with just a smidgeon of stretch to hug — rather than sag — in all the right places.”


Girlfriend Jeans with a Mid-Rise

Is there a simple technique to lift a rear? A higher elevation! “A mid- or high-rise works wonders for supporting and shaping a backside,” Saladino explains. You raise the rear when you boost the rise! However, not everyone likes the super-high “mom jeans” style, so something about your navel to around 3 inches higher is the most accessible option.


Skinny Jeans with a High Ankle

Merker says, “I would never have picked these jeans on my own.” “However, they do lift my booty.” These stretch skinnies are a trendier pair with visible front seams and a slit hem, but they’re more practical than you may think. “You can wear these with sneakers or a stiletto and look as great,” Saladino says.

Hali Potters, editorial projects coordinator at Good Housekeeping, is the shopper.

What she’s looking for: “Because I’m 4’11,” Potters explains, “length is always my biggest difficulty with jeans.” “I always end up chopping off the hems of my jeans!”

Play around with unconventional styles (vertical stripes, anyone?) and match them with the proper shoes to stretch the look of your legs, according to our fashion experts.


Jeans with a Wide Leg

When you’re petite, trouser pants can be scary, but Saladino has a few tricks up her sleeve. “You want them fitted in the thigh but wider mid-thigh down, with a peek of flesh and the toe of your shoe visible.” “I would never have selected these,” Potters says, “but I feel like I’ve grown a few inches!”


Ankle Jean Sofa Skinny Side Stripe Mid-Rise Sofa Skinny Side Stripe Mid-Rise Sofa Skinny Side Stripe Mid-R


Cali Petite Demi-Boot Jeans

“I’ve wanted these jeans for a long time because I see so many people wearing them and they look so good,” Potters says. “I’m so glad they’re available in petite!” They do, and they do so with a 23 1/2″ inseam. The intentionally faded wash, the snug fit through the hip and thigh, and the modern mini-flare that displays just the right amount of ankle are the secrets to their popularity.

What she’s looking for: “Because I’m 5’9,” Watson explains, “it’s difficult for me to find a length that works unless I go to a special site or shop in a ‘tall’ department.” “I’m also wary about high-waisted denim because I’m not trying to elongate my legs; I just want to appear proportional.”

“Women with long legs should all own a pair of wide leg jeans,” advises Saladino, one of our fashion experts. Plus, a larger waistline (but not too high!) is really flattering.


Amanda Jeans with a Bootcut

High rises might be difficult to wear on a tall physique because they don’t sit at the natural waist. This incredibly inexpensive pair falls just over the navel, providing a comfortable fit that appears to balance the entire body. Watson recalls, “I was shocked at how much I enjoyed the boot cut.” “They appeared to be modern, but they were also extremely comfortable.”


High-Rise Wide-Leg Patch Pocket Jean from Banana Republic

“These give the legs a curved fullness that gives a tall, slim physique an hourglass appearance – incredibly attractive,” Saladino says. Plus, in black, these look classy enough to wear to work while remaining comfortable enough to wear all weekend.


Skinny Ankle Jeans Ami

This stretchy silhouette was designed with a specific slimming strip to contour legs and handle a stomach with a longer than typical 29″ inseam. “I never thought I’d be able to wear ankle pants,” Watson admits. “I was afraid they’d seem like shorts on me, but the inseam on them was just right.”

“I’m looking for a pair of jeans that hug my curves but don’t squeeze them – no muffin top!” she says. Drepaul opined. “My perfect pair slims my midsection, fits comfortably around my waist, and feels great!”

Experiment with on-trend “extras” and stick with a deeper wash to accentuate your features, according to our fashion experts.


Meuse High Rise Resin Jeans by Universal Standard

Saladino adds, “The leathery style of this resin-coated pair really sold me.” “People assume coatings and embellishments are too difficult to carry off, but this illustrates that small touches can make a big difference in terms of aesthetics.” “Jeans are generally wide on my waist and tight everywhere else,” Drepaul said of the fit. “But the high rise corrected that.”


Essential Relaxed Slim Jean by Eloquii

A laid-back aesthetic doesn’t have to be messy. Choose a pair that fits snugly through the hips and thighs but has some wiggle room below the knee. “We combined this with a point-toe pump to extend her leg,” Saladino says. That point provides a long, sleek line that streamlines the entire design.”


Olivia Skinny Jean with Sculpting

Instant polish with darker washes. This pair, which were supposed to slim the waist and elevate the booty, were surprisingly comfy and stylish. Also, pay attention to the backside to make your curves stand out. “No matter what your body type is, the soft V-yoke is the most flattering,” Saladino explains. “It draws attention to the top of the bum, which helps to balance a more rounder bottom.”

What she’s looking for: “I never seem to be able to find pants that fit perfectly,” Saporita adds. “Sizing is a pain, and it’s especially aggravating when a pair fits my thighs but not my waist. I’m seeking for jeans that hug my thighs and give me a balanced appearance.”

It’s all about flattering your waist, according to our fashion gurus. Look for pairs with a higher waistline and a slenderizing bootcut to push yourself out of your comfort zone.


The Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny Jean by Everlane

The simplest technique to slim down your thighs is to wear high-waisted jeans. “Drawing the eye up and showcasing a tiny waist makes everything else appear leaner,” Saladino explains. This pair in a mid-blue hue has a high elasticity stretch while still looking like classic denim.


Jeans Molly Bootcut

“I’m usually afraid of bootcut jeans because they remind me of a horror movie from the early 2000s,” Saporita says. “However, these are elongating and stylish.” By generating a similar fullness on the bottom of the leg, a modern flare—like this pair that’s cut narrower in the knee—evens out a bigger thigh.


711 Skinny Jeans by Levi’s

A special sculpt fabric gives these blue jeans a high-tech boost. “I usually wear a high-rise to emphasize my waist, so I wasn’t sure about this mid-rise,” Saporita admits. “However, the fabric has a strength that truly kept me in and smoothed everything out.”