Grease Removal FAQ

Grease Removal FAQ

Cabinets are essential in every house, since they provide storage space for different important documents, unused appliances, and even food. These cabinets not only act as storage but they also keep dust and dirt away from the things kept in them, allowing them to be usable whenever needed, no matter how long it has been in storage. These cabinets, however, take a beating from the dirt and grime. This is especially true for cabinets in kitchens, since there is the presence of grime and grease that multiplies the dirt’s capacity to damage perfectly good cabinets. Here are tips on how you can easily remove grease from cabinets, as well as the entire kitchen.

What you need to do is mix two quarts of lukewarm water, two tablespoons of dish washing soap. You can even add half a cup of white vinegar for those heavy grease deposits. Then dip a part of the clean rag into the solution. With the moist part, wipe your cabinets until the grease starts to come off. Continue dipping in the solution until the grease has been completely removed. This will probably remove some of the dirt, but some residue will remain. Wipe the surface with a fresh, lukewarm water-rinsed rag to remove the remaining residue. Do a second pass of cleaning by wiping it again with a clean, dry rag. Repeat for every greasy part of the kitchen.

Keep in mind that grime from kitchen cabinets are different because the grease from some of the foods evaporate into the air, seeping into the cabinets, the ceiling, even the refrigerator. The vinegar might be optional, but it is highly recommended that you include it in the solution, since the acidic nature of the vinegar will help. There will be a hint of the sourness, but the second and third wipes will take care of the unnecessary odor.

Of course, you can always opt to get those grease-removing furniture cleaners, but some of the top quality kitchen cleaners can be quite expensive, so making this homemade cabinet and all-around kitchen cleaner is actually a good idea for those who want to save money. So if you are among those people who wish to make their own kitchen cleaning solutions, the follow the instructions above, and in no time, you will once again have your kitchen free of the grease and grime. This will allow you to enjoy a clean and sanitary kitchen.

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