Staying in does not mean you are safe. Domestic abuse during lockdown

Recent statistics have shown that domestic abuse deaths have increased significantly since Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were implemented. 16 deaths have occurred since the country was placed under lockdown. This is an average of 5 per week, while the normal average is 2. It has been feared that domestic abuse victims are not able to access the help they need. Domestic abuse is […]

What are the secrets to Roblox’s success as a kids’ game?

The share price of Roblox, a digital game for children, rocketed after it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It was worth US$38 billion by the end of the day. What is the point of a game designed for children? What is Roblox? Roblox is a game that has existed since 2004. However, it is often overlooked by the more accessible and […]

The 21 Best Reality Shows in 2021 (So Far).

Reality TV is often criticized. How many times have your friends and family been embarrassed by the fact that you spent a weekend watching your favorite “trashy reality” show? The form is changing, as 2020 and 2021 have shown. The new reality shows don’t just help you feel better about your choices. Some do that. These shows are a way to be inspired, educated, […]

Reliable Pharma Logistics Practices are Critical

Logistics is an important matter for any company in any industry. However, getting pharmaceutical logistics solutions right could be life or death depending on the situation. To provide care for patients, hospitals, primary care physicians, urgent-care facilities, pharmacies, and many other establishments, they must have access to medicines. Sometimes, this is necessary for life-threatening situations. The top pharmaceutical logistics companies offer specialized services that […]

Grease Removal FAQ

Cabinets are essential in every house, since they provide storage space for different important documents, unused appliances, and even food. These cabinets not only act as storage but they also keep dust and dirt away from the things kept in them, allowing them to be usable whenever needed, no matter how long it has been in storage. These cabinets, however, […]

Servicing Areas

Investing in an effective waste removal system for a business such as a restaurant is essential to maintaining a good plumbing system. Also referred to as grease recovery devices, Grease Interceptors are plumbing devices that trap hair, grease, lint, grease, oils, and fats, and stop them from getting into the plumbing system and creating clogs. Normally located behind a building, […]

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When you have a restaurant that is located for example on a first floor of a shopping center it would be unpractical to dispose of fats grease and oil down the sink, by carrying vats outside in the shopping center or exposing of it through a tube leads to the question of using biological treatment to effectively use safe chemicals […]

New Grease Disposal Customers

Are you concerned about storm water run-off? If you’re in charge of an industrial facility, a parking lot, or another type of vehicle storage area, you have to be concerned about oil and grease removal in storm water. Read on for an easy solution to your problem. And a big problem it is. Oil and grease can cause some serious […]