10 Video Games That You Must Play This Year

10 Video Games That You Must Play This Year

There has never been a better moment to catch up on the top games of 2022 than now, midway through the summer. From the flood of blockbusters at the beginning of the year to the more thoughtful platform exclusives that have arrived in the months afterwards, this year has already been outstanding for new releases.

Here, GamesRadar+ is keeping tabs on the top games of 2022. This list includes the top PS5 games, Xbox Series X games, PC games, and Nintendo Switch games that were published this year. The top games of the year thus far are also distinguished using our own review scores, and we update this list each month so you always know what to play next.

The next round of sizable new games for 2022 is scheduled to arrive in the autumn, which we are already on the verge of. However, in the interim, this is a fantastic chance to settle down with the top games of 2022 so far and catch up on them all before the GOTY discussions begin on social media.

Warriors of Fire Emblem: Three Hopes

The developer Omega Force has done a fantastic job of fusing the spirit of Fire Emblem with the utter carnage of Dynasty Warriors’ unique brand of hacking and slashing. Fire Emblem Warriors – Three Hopes should be a strange diversion for a franchise that is best known for intricate character building and tactical turn-based battles. Three Hopes effectively transforms you into the commander of your own army and challenges you to rule a vast battlefield in tense real-time battles alongside all of your favorite Fire Emblem: Three Houses characters. It’s tactical, frantic, big-time, and a ton of fun. For those of you wishing to let off some steam this summer, there is a Nintendo Switch exclusive game called Fire Emblem Warriors – Three Hopes. Josh West

A quarry

With a brand-new interactive horror adventure, Supermassive Games is back and this time they’ve drawn their inspiration from films like An American Werewolf in London, Friday the 13th, and Scream. You are tasked by The Quarry with taking nine camp counselors through a night in the woods that some may not even make it out alive. The Quarry is a fun horror adventure drenched with atmosphere, similar to The Dark Pictures Anthology games and Until Dawn before it, as well as positively packed with branching pathways, jump scares, and several opportunities to accidentally kill off your favorite characters. Although there are some pacing flaws, it’s simple to overlook them when you get the chance to direct and script your own vintage slasher horror film. Josh West

Insurgent Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 may not be the first of its sort, but it is unquestionably the best of its kind as a choice-driven tactical shooter that combines stealth with high-action, as well as an advancement of the third-person combat franchise, which is approaching two decades old. The game’s most recent update features the largest sandboxes ever, each of which can be used in a variety of ways and is surrounded by more cover locations and navigable landscape than before. The series’ trademark slow-motion kill-cams, this one more intense and grizzly than ever, are always fun when players puncture the organs of hordes of AI Nazi baddies, but the addition of a new “Axis Invasion” mode spices things up even further by allowing players to swoop into other people’s campaigns uninvited. Understanding NPC patrol patterns is one thing, but dealing with erratic, gun-happy players is quite another as anarchy swiftly breaks out around you. Brilliant and vicious describe Sniper Elite 5. Donnelly, Joe

The videogame Evil Dead

Evil Dead: The Game is here for you if you adore 80s horror icons and desire to establish yourself in the world of asymmetrical mayhem and maiming. An asymmetrical multiplayer experience similar to Dead by Daylight is called Evil Dead: The Game. One Demon must be fought by four survivors, and the survivors must cooperate to defeat Deadite. Even while the pattern is well known, it also represents the convergence of the best concepts in the genre and gives survivors a sense of autonomy. Ingrid Weber

Skywalker Saga Lego Star Wars

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which transforms all nine films from A New Hope to The Rise of Skywalker into a magnificent plastic adventure, marks a comeback for the game’s creator Traveller’s Tales. There are the familiar and beloved action scenes, as well as the villages, forests, and swamps that surround them. These locations are completely brimming with Star Wars mythology, puzzles, and difficulties. The slightly campy Star Wars theme serves as the ideal counterpoint to the sight gags, which are a staple of the Lego games. Overall, a truly accurate and astonishingly thorough replication of everything you love about Star Wars. Ingrid Weber

Sports on Nintendo Switch

With sports like tennis, bowling, sword fighting, badminton, volleyball, and soccer, be ready to work up a sweat over your Switch once more and find out which Dislyte espers should I use?. More improvements, like leg strap support for one-on-one and four-on-four football matches later this summer, as well as the addition of the seventh sport—golf—will be added to the game in the fall, according to Nintendo, are on the way. Overall, the new online feature transforms Nintendo Switch Sports into a worthwhile experience rather than just an aesthetic enhancement. Ingrid Weber

The Forgotten Land: Kirby

It’s a good rating for Kirby and the Forgotten Land, in large part because Mouthful Mode was included. Kirby may now stretch themselves over objects like cars and vending machines because to their new power. It may sound like the plot of a German horror film, but it’s a lot of fun. Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a bright spot thanks to the new gameplay and a fun 3D landscape to explore. Ingrid Weber

Strange West

Even though Weird West is an RPG with a Western theme, set aside all preconceived notions you may have about what it means to be a gunslinger. In this other past, witches perform occult rites in hidden temples while ghosts stalk abandoned villages and monstrous pigmen wander the globe. The action is as unique as the tale, with a world where you can kill anyone you want – even major story characters – approach tasks in whatever way that works for you, and learn a lot of lessons about what happens when you accidently toss some dynamite next to an oil barrel. It’s a clever and delightfully bizarre game that reveals its Arkane roots and will entrap you until the very end. Ingrid Weber

E. L. Ring

Elden Ring ended up being well worth the wait. By transferring the main elements of games like Dark Souls to a larger, more expansive world with deadly wetlands and ominous mountain fortresses, the FromSoftware adventure receives top ratings. The freedom to explore and avoid fights you’d prefer not to handle is provided by your new equine sidekick, Torrent, making this FromSoftware game a little more approachable for players, if not simpler. The design and severity of the monsters and bosses in this universe are as psychologically traumatic as ever, and Souls aficionados wouldn’t have it any other way. Ingrid Weber

West Forbidden Horizon

The expansive follow-up to the 2017 PlayStation exclusive, Horizon Forbidden West, has an older, wiser Aloy traveling over new terrain. You get to explore a brand-new environment with side missions, new mechanical enemies to slay and tame, and new tools at your disposal like the diving mask. The neon lights of a destroyed Vegas and the shoreline of San Francisco really showcase the potential of the PS5, and it’s a wonderful extension of the gameplay concepts that made the first such a compelling new series for PlayStation. Ingrid Weber

Pokemon Legends: Arceus shifts the emphasis from defeating rival trainers in gyms to the “must capture ’em all” portion of the tried-and-true Pokemon formula, making the monsters the main attraction. Instead of only wanting to slam your Pokemon team in the faces for influence while you explore the Hisui setting, NPCs may occasionally appear with their own wants. While the game’s visuals aren’t always as amazing as they could be, with a bigger story and loads to discover, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is still the best possible experience for Pokemon fans.

A horror-themed variation of the PvE tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege, Rainbow Six Extraction sends you across the US to battle parasitic alien creatures called Archaeans that haven’t come to Earth to take in the sights. Even if it lacks some narrative depth and still feels like a hasty remake of Siege’s Outbreak mode from 2018, there are still some truly terrifying scenes and crazy co-op action to enjoy. As long as Ubisoft follows through on its promise to keep expanding to this new version, Rainbow Six Extraction has immense potential.